5 dpo - whole stomach felt 'off' and tight for around an hour, very uncomfortable and painful side boob HUNGRY constantly and a little moody in the evening and also experienced slight backache.

Sorry to be negative but I'd say it's just AF coming in gradually.

AF is due tomorrow but I tarted to have light brown spotting today, I think 14dpo. Moreover, at 14 days past ovulation, many women begin experiencing.

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Currently at 13dpo and no change here other than red spotting after bm which stops quickly.

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I tested positive at 11 dpo at the weekend.

. I'm beginning to lose hope. Just looking for a bit more advice or anyones situation who has been similar.

The chance that spotting will happen on any given DPO is greater for non-pregnant women than for pregnant. then for days to my period I started bleeding dark.

Along with a late period, pregnancy symptoms 17 days past ovulation include implantation bleeding, cramps, breast and nipple tenderness, and mood changes.

I believe brown is AF, if it were implantation bleeding it should be bright pink/red.

Hi. Update: Took it today! I GOT A BFP!”.

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hi everyone, I am going out of my mind.
Just then i noticed some very LIGHT, only just noticible light brown mucus along with normal CM only when i wiped (sorry TMI).
Tuesday (15 dpo) woke up with light brown discharge.

With implantation bleeding: there is less blood – unless you occasionally have very light periods.

I put in a tampon yesterday and nothing after that.

. . This is common and not usually cause for concern.

It was faint but no doubt about it, it was a positive test. Hi, Im getting very confused and wondered if anyone has been in the same situation. i am trying to get pregnant from the past two yrs. Hi. . Hi.

I had bloods done two days ago which were confirmed as positive, so I'm pregnant.

AF Started June 16th. I've wiped and checked with fingers and there's no more blood.

Big congratulations! I had a bit of spotting around my expected period, assumed it was AF on her merry way but it turned out to be implantation bleeding and I had a BFP when I finally tested.

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implantation happens usually about 6-12 dpo This may not be AF (lets hope it isnt) some people at the beginning of pregnancy get cramping and start to.